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ETO Services Introduction - "4S" services

Honesty&Trusty Logistics(H&T) is the leader in mail forwarding and package forwarding in China, and H&T is the first mail forwarding and package forwarding services provider in China. We bring you closer to China, and help you do business in China very smoothly and safely.

We know what you want for doing business in China, so we have designed many value-added services to help you success in China, to share the China's fast-growing economy.
China mailing address and mail forwarding services
We will provide you with a China mailing address that you can use to receive mail and packages, and control your mailbox contents online at any time. You can have your contents sent to you whenever and wherever, and you judge the junk mail online by yourself.
With H&T services, you can ask your China suppliers to send sample or merchandise to your China mailing address; we will repack all into a big box to save your shipping cost. That means you can order any quantity from China , you can receive anything from China while traveling; just update the Ship-to-Address online..

Drop Shipping services
The Drop Shipping services (DS) is for H&T members only. It is designed for online shop to save international shipping cost greatly. You ask your China suppliers ship your customer's order to us, we ship it to your worldwide customers. All shipments come to your customers directly from China to worldwide to cut costs and make your business model more reliable and more profitable.Our solution is better than shipping from your China supplier to your customers directly since it is NOT wise to let China suppliers know your customers.

The Simplified Verification services
 ● Basic membership: US$20 per supplier.
* Verify supplier's true identity
* Verify its bank account
* Verify its phone number
* Business license English translation
* Contact person ID card English translation

Cash on Delivery services
The Cash on Delivery services (CoD) is for H&T members only. You can ask your China supplier ship the sample or merchandise to us, we will check the goods quantity and pay the money for you when we have received your package. It is more safely than paid for in advance. Most suppliers accept this payment mode when the goods are shipped to domestic buyer.
This service also has solved the problem that your suppliers don't accept international credit card or wire transfer, we can pay RMB to the supplies on behalf of you.

Personal Shopper services
The Personal Shopper services (PS) is for H&T members only. We help you buy merchandise from online stores and website that do not accept international credit cards or don't accept wire transfer in US Dollar. With our service you can buy from all your favorite online stores and all China suppliers, we will pay RMB Yuan to the sellers for your order. We can help you if you have any difficulties in the purchasing process in China.
If you can't find the right goods online, you just need to tell us what you want to buy, the product specification detail and target price, we will do the rest.

Order Fulfillment services
The Order Fulfillment services (OF) is a FREE service for H&T Premium members only. We stores your China inventory, handles the packing, and package forwarding at a very reasonable price to your China customers and worldwide customers. We handle your warehouse, shipping and retail order fulfillment! Your product will be shipped directly from China (with a China return address) to your China customers to save your international shipping cost and greatly enhance your China market competition.