The Simplified Verification services
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 ● Basic membership: US$20 per supplier.

* Verify supplier's true identity

* Verify its bank account

* Verify its phone number

* Business license English translation

* Contact person ID card English translation

Every one knows that China is the world factory; there are so many good quality products with good price in China that you can find in Internet, but be careful, there are so many frauds also in China . You can search “scam” in Alibaba community that it have 6621 results that many foreign buyers were scammed and lost lots of money !

ETO eCommerce Limited is the leading mail forwarding services provider in China , we got many help requests from our members that wish to help them verify the true identity of their suppliers. That is why our value-added service -True Identity Verification comes out .

 NOTICE: Our identity verification service ONLY guarantee the supplier is registered in China and its ture identity, that's all, we can NOTguarantee others and for your reference only. So if you still worry about being scammed, we strongly recommend you using our Cash on Delivery services, this is the best safe way for payment.

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