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The Personal Shopper services (PS) is for H&T members only. We help you buy merchandise from online stores and website that do not accept international credit cards or don't accept wire transfer in US Dollar. With our service you can buy from all your favorite online stores and all China suppliers, we will pay RMB Yuan to the sellers for your order. We can help you if you have any difficulties in the purchasing process in China.

If you can't find the right goods online, you just need to tell us what you want to buy, the product specification detail and target price, we will do the rest.

* Overcome the obstacle of shopping in China

* Enjoy the local citizen cheap price

* Order consolidation to save international shipping cost

* Solve the payment problem

* Solve the quality problem and refund before shipping to you

Our Personal Shopper service(PS) is for H&T members only. We shop for you in China. It is designed to overcome several common obstacles encountered when shopping online in China, and to provide our members with the convenience of a concierge-style shopping experience.

Recommended Shopping Website in China (Rank is based on the goods quality / price / service)

A. Why would I use Personal Shopper?

You can use our Personal Shopper service whenever you encounter one of these challenges:

1.China retailers on B2C webiste(360buyTaobaoPaipai) don't accept International credit cards, only accept RMB cards;

2.China retailers who will not accept direct payment by check or wire transfer;

3.China retailers can't understand English well and you don't understand Chinese.

4.You worry about the quality of your order.

B. How does it work?

From your H&T account, you follow a simple step-by-step process to place an order request in " VA Services " menu. Please make sure that your account have enough deposit before placing order, you can send money by Credit card or Wire Transfer to your account for deposit if need.

(1) Find the goods by yourself

First, You can use Google free online translation service from Chinese to your language: Google Language Tools , or click here to visit the English-translated TaobaoEachnetPaipai, etc. , then you can choose the right product online.

Second, use our PS service, just tell us the URL that you want to buy, and then we do the rest.

Click here to learn how to shop in step by step.

(2) We find the goods for you

You just need to tell us what you want to buy, the product specification detail and target price, we will do the rest.

(3) We shop for you

After you submit your request, one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase. We will contact the seller, pay them RMB and ask them ship the goods to us (You or supplier pay the domestic shipping cost), and we check the goods, if it is ok, then pay them; if it isn't ok, we will ask for refund or replacement. Your H&T account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a Personal Shopper service fee.

(4) The goods arrive and ship to your door

Once the merchandise arrives at our distribution center, it will appear in your Inbox and be available for shipment to you as usual package.

PS Service Fee:

* Premium Membership: US$5 per order list, plus 10% of the total order

* Basic Membership: US$10 per order list, plus 15% of the total order

If you need us to inquiry and negotiate the price to your supplier, then the extra service fee:

* Premium Membership: $5 per supplier

* Basic Membership: $10 per supplier

Please notice

(1) For safety reason, we request that add funds to your account MUST wire transfer to our HSBC Hong Kong bank account.

(2) We use Bank Of China website's "Buying Rate" for RMB Yuan to US Dollar or other foreign currency.


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