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Honesty&Trusty Logistics(H&T) has the experience of more than 28 years in handling import and export shipments both sea and air from all over the world.

    Honesty&Trusty logistics co. has 8 office in China


All our overseas agents have long history and rich experience in handling import and export shipments.  Honesty&Trusty Zhongshan Branch was founded in Nov 2009. We have grown from 5 persons to 20 staffs and have founded new office in April 2012 at Shenzhen AIRPORT, this office is mainly handling the express and air shipment for overseas buyers and partners. Also for the importing shipment transshipped via Hong Kong into China mainlands.

H&T mail forwarding services and other value-added services eliminate the difficulties encountered when purchasing from China and selling to China . In particular:

Many China suppliers will not ship overseas;
Don't know if the supplier's true identity, worry about being scammed;
The China suppliers that do ship internationally charge very high shipping rates;
Many suppliers don't accept international credit card;
Travel to China for onsite inspection cost much;
Can't shop in China B2C /C2C website that only accept RMB payment and in Chinese;
Shipping to China customer one by one cost much;
SMEs don't have representative in China , so it is hard to enter China big market.

H&T receives packages on behalf of our customers (buyer) and then we consolidate the merchandise, repack, and ship the merchandise to our customers overseas. We also prepare all of the necessary customs paperwork for each shipment. And we also provide distribution services for customer (seller) that can ship a big package to China , and then we repack to seller's China customer one by one.

Our customers have complete control over the entire package forwarding process. Inbound shipments are immediately logged into our online database and our customers are notified of the arrival via e-mail. Our customers are able to view their received merchandise and schedule shipments through a personalized web page at any time, day or night.

H&T mail forwarding services are utilized by worldwide buyer that want to buy products from China and worldwide seller that want to sell products to China, and Oversea Chinese that wish to continue receiving their normal China mail stream (first class mail, bulk mail, catalogs, magazines, bill).

With H&T, you will enjoy the same merchandise selection, pricing, and discounts as China company/residents without the difficulties associated with international shipping. Doing business with Chinese company safely! Sell your products to China with ease!

H&T is the third party between you and your China suppliers/partners, an independent third party that don't have any interest relationship with you and your suppliers, so you can trust us to help you success in China.It is very smart to let your China suppliers/partners know you have representative in China, try now, you will find this method is very helpful for your doing business in China smoothly and safely.

H&T headquarter locate in Hong Kong (One of the famous logistics center in the world), its customer services centre locate in Shenzhen. We partner with DHL Hong Kong, UPS Hong Kong, FedEx Hong Kong and Hong Kong Post to provide fast, cheap, and reliable mail forwarding services to worldwide customer, all packages are shipped to Hong Kong airport package process center from Shenzhen every day, then ship to worldwide destination directly. For domestic shipping, Shenzhen is the leading logistics hub in China , we also can provide fast, cheap, and reliable mail forwarding services to China national wide.

We are third party between you and your China suppliers, an independent third party that don't have any interest relationship with you and your suppliers, so you can trust us to help you success in China. We are looking forward to serving you to help you do business in China very smoothly and safety.