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T/T:5-7working days
not FBA address add USD0.15/KGT/T:5-7working days

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office address

ShenZhen :Shenshen office: RM101,13th Building Xiantian Cuigang Xilu, Fuyong Town Bao'an District Shenzhen PH 13823987188

Zhong Shan: east the 4th floor, bay, 61 south road,Zhongshan city, guangdong province            

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USA one area in the zip code : for the 6-7-8-9,, (99-96+0.3USD/KG) not DDP service 
USA two area in the zip code:0-1-2-3-4-5,(00 +USD0.3/KG) not DDP service  
Canada two area city:other city ,            
air +delivery ,include the customs  clearance and duty in USA and Canada

From Monday to Friday,before:14:00,will update on website  1-2days

Please refer to the following terms and conditions carefully, at the same time of you to accept our offer means at the same time accept the following terms and conditions.

  1. Invoice need to provide detailed description, material, USES, HS code

  2. The goods with battery must be double check

    .Chiese customs charge :USD52.23/bill, if some supplier need

  3. 4.will charge RMB25/BILL if the value over than USD120 in the invoice

  4. 5.Wooden boxes, wooden frame, air box packaging, packaging must play hinges, more than 32 kg need to 9 cm tall, additional RMB 100 / wooden case fee.The hinge charge 200 yuan/ticket.

  5.  1CBM =200 KGS  validity:2017-06-31。

Chiese UPS- include duty
USA one area (6-9)6.12 5.82 5.52 5.10 4.60 4.40 
USA TWO area(0-5)6.27 5.97 5.60 5.12 4.63 4.54 
T/T:5-7working day!
Canada one area6.49 6.09 5.60 5.30 4.78 4.70 
Canada two area6.64 6.26 5.67 5.45 4.85 4.78